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Though I am not usually prone to offering "series" messages, I find it very appropriate to offer the following messages as "The Importance of . . ." series.   Messages that for the most part, point to areas that are sorely lacking in our churches today.  Please enjoy, however, as the book of James points out, Please don't just be a hearer of the Word,           but be a doer as well.

Enjoy for the Glory of God from His Word

"The Importance of . . ." Series

  • The Importance of Discipleship1.mp321:54
  • The Importance of Discipleship2.mp319:32

  • The Importance of Doctrine1.MP316:50
  • The Importance of Doctrine2.MP315:34

If You Were Not Able To Join Us For Our Weekly Service Or Just Want To Go Through It Again, You Can Now Listen Online!! If you have questions concerning the message, please feel free to contact us.  Enjoy These Messages For The Glory of God!!

  • The Importance of Sanctification1.mp318:15
  • The Importance of Sanctification2.mp327:59

  • The Importance of Evangelism1.mp321:20
  • The Importance of Evangelism2.mp319:45